Hark, what light through yon cabin window breaks.

It’s Barbossa, and Jack the monkey is the sun.

So originally I was going to keep on keeping on with justguidelines as a character ask/rp blog, but it being a side-blog was a bit of a pain.  So, I decided to just create a separate one altogether for following purposes, etc.  

So, this is Hector Barbossa, you probably recognize him from such movies as (Pirates of the Caribbean) Jack Sparrow and the Skeleton Pirates, That One Time Jack Got Eaten By The Kraken, The Time Hector Barbossa Sailed Off The Edge of the World and Other Assorted Things, and Pirate?  Nay, Privateer.

Ask is always open, so feel free to drop Hector a line.  (Or the mun, for anything rp-related.  Especially since I’m trying to get the hang of the format here, being accustomed to dreamwidth.  You can find Hector there formerly at justguidelines and currently at belaying.)